Sunday, April 15, 2007


I used to be active in my community doing volunteer work but somehow have lost the energy or interest. Doing volunteer work gave me a sense of "belonging" in my town and a sense of giving back in a productive way. It was a way of paying back the world for the goodness it has given me, both materially and intangibly. The word "world" in this instance may seem abstract that in this context one has to take it as one's own community or town, it becomes discrete when one thinks of "Our Town."

These past days I have been having this feeling of angst (& guilt!) that I've got to do something outside of me, of mine, of myself. Fortuitously I was invited as a guest in a social function and was lucky enough to be given a choice seat on the the head table and was able to talk to the incoming leader and other incumbent leaders of a venerable volunteer group.

I think I will check out this volunteer group and do a serious discussion with me, mine, and myself if I am up for the countless hours of volunteer work that will be asked of me, mine, and myself. (annoyed yet ? :)

The group? It is the
Civil Air Patrol (CAP)! Check out their website and you may have an auxiliary wing in your vicinity. There are various search engines and data repository that you can use to learn more about CAP, such as Wikipedia.