Thursday, April 19, 2007

2007 Fortune 500 & Global Fortune 500 Companies

How did your company fare?

Fortune 500 (US) List

Global 500 List (2oo6) List

Of interest within each list are the different categories, "How the states/countries stack," "Best employers," "Most profitable companies"...

Speaking of "Most profitable companies" the ranking of United Airlines (UAL) as #2 in the Fortune 500 most profitable companies was a "Hmmm really?" moment... I thought the US airlines industry is on a downward spiral due to various market and political forces, e.g., skyrocketing fuel costs, burgeoning alternative transport modes, 9/11, ..... guess this school of thought has now changed...

Domestically, UAL had become a no-frills airline - no food, no snacks, not even peanuts or pretzels -you get the chance to buy a bag of M&Ms if you want, free non-alcoholic drinks, snooty stewards (wait, this would be an insult to JetBlue or SouthWest - their stewards are friendly.) I'm talking coach here - unlike JetBlue or SouthWest, UAL & AA still have first class on most routes.