Friday, May 26, 2006

Having one’s cake and eating it too!

Earning all the great benefits of a good job and be able to “Work@Home” is like having one’s cake and eating it too!

Here are pictures of my just installed home office.

When I get cabin fever I simply go to the local coffee houses or bookstores that have free internet connections. And of course I always have the ubiquitous Blackberry mobile phone.

I had the mobile internet broadband before – I simply inserted a PCMCIA modem (wireless card) in my laptop but somehow the mobile internet broadband software messed up my laptop and the PC Tech back at the office had to re-image my laptop (sorry guys and thank you for helping me out!).

I travel quite often and I just fly out of my local regional airport - the San Luis Obispo Regional Airport (a small very convenient airport). From SLO Airport I connect to the rest of the country via Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) (which I often do) or San Francisco International Airport or Phoenix International Airport .

Telecommuting has gone a long way!

P.S. Got my hardwood floor done too, here’s a sample - the Living Room. I luv it!