Wednesday, August 17, 2005

SLO-town - wuz dat?

I've been e-mailed asking why my URL is "slotown."

SLO stands for San Luis Obispo, my adopted hometown here in California, USA.
County visitors' link is:
Compared to the rush and bustle of a big city, life in San Luis Obispo is slow - hence SLO-town, get it? :) We have signs that says "I love the SLO-life" - should be the city's motto.

SLO is halfway between Los Angeles (@3 hrs south) and San Francisco (@3.5 hrs north). SLO is along the coast with Santa Barbara (1.5 hrs south) and Monterey (@2 hrs north). Beach boogie-boarding and surfing is just 10-15 mins away, ATV dune-buggying is 20 mins away, hiking & bicycling paths are all around, lots of camp grounds, number of lakes for boating, snow ski-ing is just 2 hrs away.

SLO is a touristy area - not much industries. The most famous tourist spot in SLO County is Hearst Castle! Hearst Castle is an awesome edifice and I am proud of it but after reading my fellow-pinay bloggers in Europe, Hearst Castle seems a poor imitation of the real McCoys in the UK, France, Italy... It is however very well maintained unlike a number of crumbling castles in Europe. But for someone who loves history like me, I of course prefer the genuine medieval & renaissance castles. :)

I feel blessed to be in SLO - it has temperate weather, sun shines year-round (big + to me), good shopping, culture, has wine-making and vineyards, world-class university and other amenities abound but it does not have the big-city feeling. Very relaxing place - unlike Santa Barbara that is now crowded and congested.
Professional shots of the City:

The Creek right by the Mission Church in Downtown SLO:
Here is a view taken when I hiked up one of the hills in SLO.