Monday, July 11, 2005

Japan Racism: "Deep and Profound"

So says an independent investigator for the UN. DUH! I've always known this... the two times I've been to Hawai'i some Japanese tourists would just push their way in front of me when I'm in line waiting, coupled with looks of derision. And the stories I've heard from OFWs...will curl your toes! Too bad for those rude Japanese, they messed with the wrong Pinay! When they realized this Pinay was not going to be pushed around they left with tails tucked between their legs!

Of course just like any nationalities there are ugly Japanese as much as there are ugly Americans and ugly Pinoys. So there. By ugly I mean masaming ugali at bastos not the pangit ones...although come to think of it, that too! LOL 8->