Thursday, July 14, 2005

Over-all, a positive week.

Let me do a plus / minus list:

+ Got me another Francesco Biasia handbag (lots of room to haul the sink in :)
+ Bowled a 169, am getting used to my new bowling ball, a 13-pounder
+ Had my highlights updated, umm ... as in, hair
+ Had my regular microderma + facial
+ Made a virtual friend (well, an acquaintance for now but we'll see), another Pinay Blogger - Francesca (hmm notice the similarity with my handbag brand of choice?)
- Learned yesterday I get to go to a weeklong business trip to Ohio next week (guess it can't be Las Vegas like last month)
? Found more and more interesting Blogs by Pinoy/Pinay Expats and spending more and more time reading them!

? And oh, Supreme Court Chief Justice Rehquist said he is NOT about to announce his retirement... ah, his Honorable is battling thyroid cancer, shouldn't he now spend 100% of his time with his loving family? Me thinks he has already given more than his share of public service. But, who knows what goes on behind closed doors? In this case, a Chief Justice's Chamber? Of course there are lots of political spins going on and all the politically-correct statements are being said. All file photos I have seen showed him as an unsmiling, serious, thoughtful person, BUT underneath he is probably enjoying needling the media and keeping the public guessing! The old geezer! (this last one said with respect :)

= Still a positive balance overall I would say!