Tuesday, December 18, 2007

What countries have the largest economies?

Largest economies:
US 23%
China 9%
Japan 7%
Germany 6%
India 4%
these 5 account for nearly half of the world’s GDP as measured by PPPs

Which countries are the most expensive?
Iceland, Denmark, Switzerland, Norway, and Ireland
(but then think again of citizens' cradle-to-grave social benefits for 4 of these countries)

Measured by GDP per capita five richest economies are Luxembourg, Qatar, Norway, Brunei Darussalam, and Kuwait (think small population)

Per capita measures of individual consumption the five richest economies are Luxembourg, United States, Iceland, United Kingdom, and Norway (yes, Americans do like to shop!)

For more expansive explanation of the stats go to the World Bank article:
2005 International Comparison Program Preliminary Global Report Compares Size of Economies

Yahoo News teaser article : China's economy smaller in new measure, still number two: study