Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Thank You Google Earth

Past Perfect - for looking back at old haunts, childhood home, former schools

the old homestead - childhood home

former school - grade school to senior high-school (all girls)

Present Subjunctive - for viewing how today's city/village/town/house etc... looks...if I were living there I would walking along that pathway and taking a hike in that forest...

Future Imperfect - for finding those out of the way village and telling myself I am going to that treasure of a village and I will be going to walk around the village green...

Thank you Google Earth, am looking forward to more street views (but please do not tresspass on private properties when taking pictures...)

P.S.: the link above is for Google Map, you need to download a plug-in for Google Earth.

P.P.S: To Google, Microsoft's Live Search Map has more updated satellite pictures, what gives?